Pavers, concrete and tiled patios

What colour is your concrete or paved area exactly?  Do they look furry in the wet season or have a nice bright green tinge to them.   Looks great until you slip over, and then it all turns black for the dry season.

Living in the tropics brings about many hazards, one being those concrete and paved areas with algae build up making it a dangerous place to walk when those areas are wet and very slippery.

Algae also causes deterioration as it slowly eats away at the pavers and concrete over time.  Pressure cleaning will bring your concrete or paved areas back to life, looking renewed.

If you are selling your home, a clean driveway and entertainment area will always add that extra  value as your home is presented in a better light.

Hand back your rental property looking great on the outside too.  We can also clean tiled outdoor areas  and patios.

Before and after cleaning
Before and after pressure cleaning
Before and after pressure cleaning

Pressuring cleaning roofs and solar panels*

Are you turning on the air-conditioning more often and for longer periods even in the dry season?

When metal roofs become covered in a build up of grime and black algae, they do not reflect the sun’s rays and the house heats up much quicker.

Are you turning on the booster for the water heater because it’s just not hot even though we have beautiful sunny days?

The solar panels also become covered in the grime and algae and are not able to function properly.

See our photos and you will see the difference, once they are cleaned you will feel the difference!

After cleaning (bottom left) vs before cleaning (top and side)
After cleaning (left) vs before cleaning (right)

Our pressure cleaning service

Our commercial pressure cleaner is putting out from 2700 to 3700psi turbo pressure to optimise cleaning of heavily soiled areas.  We use multiple spray heads to reduce time on larger areas and smaller single ones for getting into those finer corners.

Pressure cleaning is environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used.

*Note: We are unable to service some roofs and solar panels due to pitch and height of the roofs.


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