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Gardening tips and tricks

Before and after pressure cleaning

Pressure cleaning pavers, concrete, roofs and solar panels

Pavers, concrete and tiled patios What colour is your concrete or paved area exactly?  Do they look furry in the wet season or have a nice bright green tinge to them.   Looks great until you slip over, and then it all turns black for the dry season. Living in the tropics brings about many hazards, one being those concrete and paved areas with algae build up making it a dangerous place to walk when those areas are wet and very slippery.


Dry Season lawn maintenance

Your lawn will tell you it needs watering Wilting or losing colour? Stays flat when walked on rather than springing back? All dry and crunchy and taking on a light brown colour? It needs a drink!! One thing experts agree on is that deeper watering a few times a week is the way to go rather than daily shallow watering.  This encourages a healthy lawn with a good root system.


Doggy poo – Handle with extreme care

If you have a dog, we have all had to deal with this at one stage or another but here is some interesting information! The fact is, dog poo is contaminated with bacteria and can be harmful to humans. Did you know a single gram of dog faeces contains an average of 23 million faecal coliform bacteria? You definitely don’t want to put it on your vegetable garden or want it in your house.